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Data in, privacy out.

STRM Privacy puts privacy front and center. You send us deep event data easily, we deliver you privacy streams that contain nothing but data you can use.

Schemas designed from privacy forward

Define which fields are privacy-sensitive and process every field in every event in the right way.

Per-event consent

As consent is attached to every customer event, each data point you collect is purpose binded to that consented usage.

Privacy levels and processing

With our privacy levels you can strike a balance between legal risks and business value.

Simple streaming data

The future of data is streaming. But getting from POC to production is still a headache. We think we made it simple: pick a schema, integrate our driver for your platform and you're streaming in < 5 minutes. Promised.

Inbox user interface

Ready-made data schemas, privacy included

Building or configuring a streaming platform is only conditional. It's the data that flows through it that matters. That's why we offer a growing library of schemas for many use cases, designed around privacy. So you can build faster AND worry less.

Customer profile user interface

Data quality comes standard

Collecting data is easy. Collecting good data is hard. Using a set of simple but powerful tools to guard your data quality we help you make sure you don't have to take out the trash daily.

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Your data is yours

We believe trust is the most important value of all and will never access or sell your data. That's why we made it so easy to stream or store your data back into your own stack with a growing list of connectors and integrations.

GCP Storage
Apache Kafka

Great dev tools

As engineers building for engineers, we understand how important good tooling is. That's why we offer performance-focused drivers for many languages and a CLI for creating, managing and connecting streams and sinks.


executives help their data teams

Balance innovation and privacy in one go

Getting "data" in data-driven experiences right is hard - both from technical and legal perspectives. STRM Privacy is the data solution lawyers love and developers long for.

Deserve customer trust and prevent privacy violations

Using our privacy streams you only build on top of consented data, ensuring safe data usage. That's peace of mind to both you and your data teams.

Launch faster, run cheaper

Building for privacy is costly. Multiple vendors, legal trade-offs and complex data processing slow your teams down. STRM Privacy brings this together so you can launch faster and run cheaper.

Benefit from higher data quality

Real-time data and excellent, privacy-based schemas mean you can capture more, faster. And so respond to customer behavior quicker, or unlock use cases for real-time machine learning.

Do you want to build faster and cheaper without worrying about privacy?