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Browse our data schemas, built around privacy

Schemas are the heart and soul of good data. Explore our library for inspiration and examples, or get in touch if you need a custom schema.

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  • batch_job_public ›


    No description set.

    No domains specified
    No industries specified
  • Media Personalization ›


    A schema to capture item consumption for personalization purposes.

    recommendations personalization
    media e-commerce digital
  • Insurance Comparison Unified ›


    A schema to unify API-driven data and customer behavior for comparison purposes.

    customer data data comparison
    e-commerce insurance
  • A financial transaction (PSD2) example contract. ›


    A basic contract to illustrate and model the privacy implications of financial/PSD2 data in a STRM schema. In this example, we require account names (probably direct PII) to have the highest purpose value.

    No domains specified
    finance fintech
  • Online Retail demo contract (orders by Instacart) ›


    This simple data contract shows how the privacy implications of a basic order event would be modelled in a STRM contract. We apply a validation to the user_id field (by regex: should match a UUID).

    e-commerce online retail
  • Health data demo contract ›


    This is a simplified health data contract that shows how privacy implications of sensitive health data can be captured in a STRM data contract. We consider a patient's medical practice and city sufficiently broad to be not sensitive. Direct PII (like names) requires the highest purpose for decryption. Indirect PII such as cohort identifiers like (combinations of) medications could easily lead to identification but are indirect. Heart rates and blood pressures can lead to K=1 identification (even without a patient id), but in this example we want to retain the integrity between data points to be useful.

    health insurance
  • patient-data ›


    No description set.

    No domains specified
    No industries specified
  • Scooterrific: IoT mobility data demo contract ›


    This demo contract shows how to classify some. We link on producer ID (e.g. different brands of mobility scooters). The rider ID and GPS are classified as sensitive. We validate both the GPS (coordinates) and rider ID (UUID) with PCRE regexes.

    Internet of Things Hardware
  • Trending demo contract ›


    The contract that classifies the privacy implications of the trending demo in the quickstart

    e-commerce retail
  • STRM clickstream ›


    The clickstream schema is used to capture visitor behavior on a page or UI, one of the most common use cases.

    recommendations personalization (web) analytics e-commerce product analytics
    all industries
  • STRM privacy demo schema ›


    This schema illustrates the power of privacy baked right into the schema source.

    recommendations personalization (web) analytics e-commerce mobile apps product analytics
    all industries