Privacy by design without compromise

Make your data do what your policies say, so you can decrease cost and risk, and deliver faster.

developer, data scientist & analyst

Free up to 1 million events

If you need quick and dedicated privacy- and anonymisation pipelines to feed into your app, model or dashboards.

  • Privacy pipelines with in-flight transformations

  • Data contracts

  • Batch egress to AWS/GCP/Azure buckets

  • Managed as SaaS

  • Community support


Pro SaaS or inside your cloud subscription

If you need privacy pipelines as part of a structured approach to privacy and data governance.

  • Unlimited privacy pipelines to control data purpose, configurable anonymisation and in-flight transformations

  • Approve and control data flow through data contracts

  • Manage Policy & data retention through API's (DSAR, RTBF, lineage)

  • SaaS for easy management or deployed inside your cloud for dedicated processing

  • For batch or event-based data flows, integrates into your data warehouse.

  • Reporting on privacy metrics for audits and data flow control

  • Open API's for integration with your existing landscape and data tools

  • Support from our engineers and dedicated CSM


All the features of pro + dedicated implementation and platform support tailored to your privacy policies.