increase revenue and save cost

Enable more use cases and increase your velocity

Get better data, enable new use cases and reduce coordination with our approach to privacy-by-design data.

STRM: Privacy for Product teams

Whatever you build, in this privacy age you need to take care of data privacy.

Building from privacy-by-design principles is hard, and teams are often slowed down by the additional coordination imposed by legal and security constraints. If you're allowed to build it in the first place.

With STRM, you can reduce coordination, unlock new use cases and build confidently. So you deliver more and faster, without spending time and resources on a conditional like privacy.

what you get

Build more and faster with privacy covered

Enable more use cases

Privacy concerns kill innovation. Make sure privacy is covered before you try to get approval for that new feature or product.

Reduce coordination and increase velocity.

Approval takes time. Reduce coordination by encoding privacy inside your data, increase velocity by building against privacy data streams.

More and better data

Learn more about usage or respond better without constraints on data. Freely define your data needs and define validations inside data schemas.


Most teams deal with privacy after the fact. Build from privacy forward by encoding privacy policies inside data and avoid unintended data usage through privacy streams.

How it works


Freely define data needs

Define the data you need in data schemas, without constraints from an analytics "solution" or selling people's data.


Integrate privacy and data

Encode the privacy implications of your data on a per-field level, just make sure Legal approves.


Start sending data

Send your data in real-time at event level, schedule batch intervals or even re-process existing data.


Build against privacy streams

Based on the encoded privacy policy in the data contract, we transform data into Privacy Streams.

See for yourself. it's free.


Add privacy and build more

Privacy-by-design data pipelines enable many product dreams: better experimentation, decreased dependence on third-party data, higher velocity or even real-time machine learning and personalization.

A/B testing

Experiment on more and better data. Freely define data needs, measure both front- and back-ends.

Product Analytics

Deeply measure user behavior with event-level data, privacy included.

First party data

Move away from nosey analytics tools and enable more and deeper data.

Data Science

Build and experiment with new data science applications, or safely feed existing applications.

Real-time machine learning

Run a privacy-safe event pipeline in real-time and enable predictions as user actions happen.


Enable personalization on anonymous data and offer more users a personalized experience.

in the box

Our tools to build confidently with data

Add privacy right where you collect your data and make sure you don't lose time and tears on legal coordination and building for a conditional.

Attach legal grounds

With STRM, every data point contains the original consent. So you always know what you can do with data.

Data contracts

Data contracts define the shape of data and their privacy implications - saving you countless loops to legal desks.

Privacy levels

Set privacy levels per field in your data and balance your innovation thirst with data privacy concerns.

Privacy streams

Based on the data contract and legal ground, data is transformed and split into streams you can "just build" against.

Schema library

Register your own data contracts and find inspiration from other use cases in our schema registry and library.

Event or batch

Integrate real-time data pipelines or process routines or existing data.

Sinks and connectors

Bring your data via a range of drivers and sinks, and take back transformed data in buckets or streaming interfaces.

Data validations

Write simple but powerful validations to make sure unexpected data doesn't pollute your hard-won datasets.

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