why strm

Just build with better data, confidently.

Simple data pipelines

Quickly launch a data pipeline for event-driven systems or batch routines - no downloads, installs or configuration necessary.

Truly scalable

Whether it's a few or many thousands of events per second - we take care of scalability so you can just build.

Data contracts

We take care of schema registry and evolution, so you can focus on collecting and using your data.

Privacy included

Getting approval from legal and security is hard. That's why we integrate privacy into your pipelines - so getting to production is just a simple check away.


Respond to events in true real-time (sub 100ms), even for anonymized data.

Data quality

Messing up data quality is easy. Write simple but powerful validations to validate events at the gateway.

How it works


Quickly launch a data pipeline

`STRM create` a real-time data pipeline - it's up in just a few seconds. Prefer batch? Yes we can.

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Register data contracts

Quickly define your data shape and privacy implication in YAML or Json (AVRO optional). We take care of versioning and evolution.

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Configure privacy streams

Define the derivative data streams you need - a stream per consent or legal ground, or just a fully anonymized data stream.

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Consume - transforms included

Connect sources and destinations and have your apps consume specific streams - with privacy transforms done in real-time.

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Launch a data pipeline in just a few minutes.

Create a real-time data pipeline through our CLI or console. No need for complex installation or extensive configuration. We build and launch everything in seconds.

Install our CLI and try it
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Register data contracts

Data contracts merge data shape (serialization schema) and privacy classifications (like PII fields). Simply add them in YAML or Json (AVRO or Json Schema optional). Register data contracts in our public registry or keep them private. Changing schemas? Just version them.

data contracts UI

Just build against privacy-transformed data streams

Define specific streams for every app or team that include only the data they need

Define derivative data streams of your input data based on the contract. We filter, transform and split the incoming data into specific privacy streams. Read a specific privacy stream with a machine account or define team roles, and make sure apps and teams only get the data they need. Even anonymized in real-time if you need to.

Consume privacy transformed data in batch or real-time

Simply bring back your data via a bucket or in real-time over a Kafka topic. Need a different integration? We're all ears!

for developers

Data privacy is an engineering problem.

As engineers building for engineers, we understand how important good tooling is. That's why we offer performance-focused drivers for many languages and a CLI for creating, managing and connecting streams and sinks.

Try our real-time data integration with privacy included.