better compliance at lower costs

Structure privacy across your organization

Define your privacy policies inside data, enforce proper classification + transformation and control access - saving you tons of work at lower risk.

STRM: Data privacy & protection by design

As CISO, DPO and legal team you want to enable your organization to deliver value with safe and compliant tools and processes.

One of the most challenging areas to do this well is in data. The potential value of data is high, but the complexity and fragmented nature amplify risk. This makes data one of costliest domains to manage well from the privacy perspective.

With STRM you align your privacy operations, saving FTE on internal and external coordination costs while decreasing the risk involved.

How it works


Define & classify data in data contracts

Define the data shape (the fields) and classify what is personally identifiable (PII).

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Choose & transform with privacy levels

Apply the privacy lens to how you want to transform the data per field - masking, de-identification or full anonymization.

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Send data & attach collection ground to every datapoint

Compliance in data privacy starts with a legal ground to collect and process data (such as consent, or legitimate interest). Send it as part of the data we process.

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Define & distribute privacy streams

After receiving data, we transform according to the data contact and collection ground: we split the data into privacy streams.

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Encode privacy policies inside data with data contracts

Your organization cares about using data. You care most about using it in the proper way. Together with product teams you decide and set the classification and privacy implications, like the outcome of a DPIA. This is the data contract. Which fields are PII? What identifies a user in our systems? This way you don’t just write privacy policies, you encode it inside your data itself.

All together, this adds up to a big reduction in coordination and risk as you don't have to align use case by use case.

Privacy levels allow you to balance privacy and data utility.

Different data needs ask for different processing. With our privacy levels you choose how to balance privacy and data utility, enabling innovation and new use cases without additional risk or sacrificing privacy in the process.

You can keep any data field in plain values, mask it or de-identify entirely. If used in streaming, we are able to anonymize data in real-time, enabling use cases in machine learning and personalization your teams cannot imagine you will allow them to build.

Privacy streams give you control over data usage

Define and distribute access to transformed data streams

With our privacy streams you create specific data interfaces for individual teams or applications. Based on the legal ground, data contract and privacy levels, data is processed and split while utility is kept. This helps you to set everything once, and be sure it’s dealt with safely forever.

data privacy's toolbox

There's more

We're building a full suite of data privacy tooling for Legal & Security professionals.

Forget about RTBF

That's a joke. But executing RTBF is a huge pain and cost. Even with just a few requests, it is expensive to execute or automate. With STRM, RTBF is simple: just throw away the keys used to encrypt the data, and the underlying user is destroyed and de-identified.

Time travel for privacy

Most organizations and service providers focus on fixing privacy in existing data. We help you to fix it forward. With a choice between streaming or batch, you don’t have to limit your use cases. Re-process existing data to make sure it’s safe, schedule routines or stream every single data point for real-time applications and event architectures.

Ready to structure your privacy operations? See for yourself or let us show you.