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our story Driving secure and privacy-safe data innovation

When we started STRM Privacy, we had been building with data at scale for some time. One thing struck us with every effort we were involved in: how large the divide was between the legal and policy perspectives and what actually happened inside data.

Balancing privacy and innovation is hard, and necessary beyond legislation like GDPR, CCPA or other legislation (it's coming!). But if applied properly and respectfully, society can greatly benefit from data-driven innovation. That's why our mission is to drive secure and privacy-safe data innovation.

More than just compliancy

Of course the legal perspective, like GDPR or CCPA, matters, but even more so we want to help teams to respect user privacy, easily.

Don't trade innovation for privacy

We want to help data teams go fast AND safe with deep event data instead of either prioritizing speed and behave risky, or choose to reduce risk but lower the pace (by a lot).

Teams deserve trust

We are here to help data teams earn the trust from their customers and legal peers, so building cool data-driven and smart applications take 10x less meetings (approximately).

Meet the STRM Team

Deep expertise in creating value from data and building privacy-by-design at scale. Proudly built remotely and in Rotterdam 🇳🇱.

  • Bart Voorn


  • Pim Nauts


  • Bart van Deenen

    Lead Engineer

  • Robin Trietsch

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Bob van den Hoogen

    Software Engineer

  • Ivan Plantevin

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Peter Bruins

    Business Development

  • Paul de Jong

    UX / UI Designer

  • Maciek Mika

    Software Engineer

  • Malin de Souza

    Senior Account Executive

  • Joep van Leijsen

    Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Yashu Bansal

    Legal Tech Consultant

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We work primarily remotely. You can stop by at Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam to meet the humans behind STRM Privacy.

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Stationsplein 45 - D1.148

3013 AK Rotterdam

The Netherlands


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