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Integrate our privacy infrastructure and align your privacy policies with your data. Remove risk, reduce coordination and achieve true compliance. That's privacy by design for your data.

Privacy by design ...by design

Complying with GDPR and data privacy regulations is a tough cookie for many organizations. A structured and scalable approach goes beyond consent managers and the occasional RTBF request. With STRM privacy, you take your data privacy deep into your operations, decrease your data privacy risks, save cost and deliver faster.

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For legal & security teams

Bring structure to your privacy operations. Go beyond questionnaires, encode privacy policies inside data and give business teams trust. Align data privacy from consent to data warehouse and consumption. Saving you FTE's and cost on internal and external coordination.

For data & analytics teams

Just thinking about privacy is spending resources. Unlock operational analytics without privacy concerns, save FTE's in coordination and development time and increase velocity. Build better data and machine learning products with our privacy-by-design data pipelines.

For product teams

Can better privacy actually drive revenue? Oh yes! Enable more use cases, use more and better data while confident about data privacy - so you can spend your precious engineering resources on direct business value.

Data in, privacy out

Structure privacy inside data - so you don't have to solve it case after case

Through our platform you define Privacy Streams: data pipelines that encode privacy into data. Define and classify each field in your data in data contracts and tranform and expose specific filtered data streams that follow the contract. One anonymized stream for personalized machine learning. A masked stream for analytics. A full legitimate use stream for teams and apps that need it.

Take your data privacy efforts a step forward

Consent and legal ground are at the heart of compliance in GDPR and other data privacy regulations. But often, the collection ground is lost when data hits your warehouses or applications, making it harder to enable future use.

With STRM privacy, you attach and unify collection ground in every data point, so you always know what you can do with data - unlocking future value and increasing compliance with data privacy laws.

Reduce coordination to a single decision

Bring lengthy discussions back to a single decision, and trust data is transformed and delivered properly. Freely define the shape of your data, strictly classify every field to encode your privacy policies inside data itself. Choose from a pre-defined set as example or register and publish your own data contracts.

Balance innovation and data privacy in one go.

Full anonymization is the safest route you can take, but destroys utility for a lot of use cases. With our privacy levels, you can balance your innovation needs with data privacy concerns. Choose how to transform your data for better privacy, from anonymization and field masking to full decryption - as long as usage ground permits.

Simple integration: your data is yours

Easily integrate privacy-by-design data pipelines in streaming or batch modes with your existing tech stack - read transformed data directly from Kafka streams, write to buckets for further processing or even deploy inside your own cloud subscriptions.

GCP Storage
Apache Kafka
for developers

Data privacy is an engineering problem.

As engineers building for engineers, we understand how important good tooling is. That's why we offer performance-focused drivers for many languages and a CLI for creating, managing and connecting streams and sinks.

Decrease risk and cost, increase speed encode privacy inside data with STRM.