Health data demo contract

Used in health insurance
for healthcare

This is a simplified health data contract that shows how privacy implications of sensitive health data can be captured in a STRM data contract. We consider a patient's medical practice and city sufficiently broad to be not sensitive. Direct PII (like names) requires the highest purpose for decryption. Indirect PII such as cohort identifiers like (combinations of) medications could easily lead to identification but are indirect. Heart rates and blood pressures can lead to K=1 identification (even without a patient id), but in this example we want to retain the integrity between data points to be useful.

Event Contract reference


Schema reference


Event contract overview

Key fieldpatient_idLinks events to the associated field for privacy processing.
PII fielddiagnosis2needs consent
PII fieldmedication2needs consent
PII fieldpatient_address3needs consent
PII fieldpatient_id1needs consent
PII fieldpatient_name3needs consent
ValidationsnoneNo validations applied

Serialization schema fields

medical_bloodpressurethe current blood pressure described as SYSTOLIC / DIASTOLIC
medical_heartratethe current heart rate in a whole number
diagnosisthe current diagnosis as text
medicationwhat (if any) medication is this patient using