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STRM clickstream

Used in recommendations personalization (web) analytics e-commerce product analytics
for all verticals

The STRM clickstream schema is used to capture clickstream data: behavior of users in -usually- a web or app UI. Like every strm data schema it has two main components, the event contract and the serialization schema.

Event Contract reference


Schema reference


Event contract overview

Key fieldproducerSessionIdThe session ID assigned by the producing application.
PII fieldcustomer/id0customer/id needs consent 0
PII fieldproducerSessionId1producerSessionId needs consent 1
Validationscustomer/idregexField should contain a value
ValidationsurlregexField should contain a valid URL

Serialization schema fields

producerSessionIdThe session ID as given by the producer.
urlThe URL or view URI of the event.
eventTypeThe type of event capture, e.g. a hit, view, click etc.
referrerReferrer, if set before hit.
userAgentThe UserAgent of the producing application (e.g. browser or app version)
conversionTo indicate events that equate a "conversion".
customer/idThe customer ID used by your application.
abTestsA list of running experiments/AB tests an event is bucketed in.