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Insurance Comparison Unified

Used in customer data data comparison
for e-commerce insurance

The comparison schema is used to capture, at high resolution, combined data from back-end API's and user behaviour, like input and filter options. The data can be used for a smarter customer experience and for (anonymised) analytical purposes. For comparison purposes (for prospective or existing customers), deeply personal data is necessary to even offer the service, and so rife with privacy challenges.

Event Contract reference


Schema reference


Event contract overview

Key fieldsession_idLinks events to the associated field for privacy processing.
PII fieldobject_license1needs consent
PII fielduser_bday1needs consent
PII fielduser_email1needs consent
PII fielduser_housenumber1needs consent
PII fielduser_pc61needs consent
ValidationsnoneNo validations applied

Serialization schema fields

user_pc6Postal code
user_housenumberHousenumber of the user
user_hashA combination of _pc6 and _housenumber, separated by a hyphen-
object_licenseThe object's license plate
object_makeThe object's make
object_modelThe object's model
object_yearThe object's year built
object_noclaimThe object's noclaim period as indicated by the user
object_mileageThe object's yearly mileage, as indicated by the user
coverage_adviceThe coverage proposed to the user
session_idSession ID as set by producer, e.g. the browser cookie, or app open ID
event_sourceThe source of the event (brand), like AVZ.nl
URIThe URI where the event was captured
referrerThe referrer info, if/as available from the HTTP header
user_agentThe user agent as captured in the session.
OSThe operating system
PlatformThe platform, like web, mobile web or app
funnel_stepthe funnel step, like date entry, advice, comparison, checkout, checkout completion
event_typeAny user action you would like to send, like a hit or 'sort A-Z'
conversionIndicates if this event marks a conversion, like a checkout complete
comparison_idReferences a comparison ID from the comparison API response
selected_coverageThe object coverage selected for the comparison
selected_deductibleThe object deductible selected for the comparison
applied_promotionsAn unique identifier for a recommendation (UUID)
product_supplierThe supplier
product_itemThe specific product in the comparison
product_rankThe position at which the product was ranked. Starts at 0.
product_priceThe price offered (also specify timeframe)