Insurance Comparison Unified

Used in customer data data comparison
for e-commerce insurance

A schema to unify API-driven data and customer behavior for comparison purposes.

Event Contract reference


Schema reference


Event contract overview

Key fieldsession_idLinks events to the associated field for privacy processing.
PII fieldobject_license1needs consent
PII fielduser_bday1needs consent
PII fielduser_email1needs consent
PII fielduser_housenumber1needs consent
PII fielduser_pc61needs consent
ValidationsnoneNo validations applied

Serialization schema fields

user_pc6Postal code
user_housenumberHousenumber of the user
user_hashA combination of _pc6 and _housenumber, separated by a hyphen-
object_licenseThe object's license plate
object_makeThe object's make
object_modelThe object's model
object_yearThe object's year built
object_noclaimThe object's noclaim period as indicated by the user
object_mileageThe object's yearly mileage, as indicated by the user
coverage_adviceThe coverage proposed to the user
session_idSession ID as set by producer, e.g. the browser cookie, or app open ID
event_sourceThe source of the event (brand), like
URIThe URI where the event was captured
referrerThe referrer info, if/as available from the HTTP header
user_agentThe user agent as captured in the session.
OSThe operating system
PlatformThe platform, like web, mobile web or app
funnel_stepthe funnel step, like date entry, advice, comparison, checkout, checkout completion
event_typeAny user action you would like to send, like a hit or 'sort A-Z'
conversionIndicates if this event marks a conversion, like a checkout complete
comparison_idReferences a comparison ID from the comparison API response
selected_coverageThe object coverage selected for the comparison
selected_deductibleThe object deductible selected for the comparison
applied_promotionsAn unique identifier for a recommendation (UUID)
product_supplierThe supplier
product_itemThe specific product in the comparison
product_rankThe position at which the product was ranked. Starts at 0.
product_priceThe price offered (also specify timeframe)