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Browse our data schemas, built around privacy

Schemas are the heart and soul of good data. Explore our library for inspiration and examples, or get in touch if you need a custom schema.

  • STRM privacy demo schema ›

    STRM Privacy

    This schema illustrates the power of privacy baked right into the schema source.

    recommendations personalization (web) analytics e-commerce mobile apps product analytics
    all verticals

Browse data schemas

  • Media Personalization ›

    STRM Privacy

    A schema to capture item consumption for personalization purposes.

    recommendations personalization
    media e-commerce digital
  • STRM clickstream ›

    STRM Privacy

    The clickstream schema is used to capture visitor behavior on a page or UI, one of the most common use cases.

    recommendations personalization (web) analytics e-commerce product analytics
    all verticals